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Brexit _ The Deal _ Moments of Truth

Maybe not the contexts of what voters wanted or expected, Happy Ministers or too sad, too put their name to it!!! ? March next year still said to be the cut off date apparently

Back to the Drawing Broad, Many unhappy, too Confusion only Time can tell, 

At lest she got a hand, But only Time can tell, in this Confusion that is Our times

Some Responses before the Comeback Tour 


few Facts of Politics and the News of opinion’s 

Theresa May, Updates MPs on Deal after EU Commission Approved

will it be the World trade of regulations aka No deal, sold to the Political majority, or a polite asking for a changing of hands, for the biggest decision  this nation has took since the end of the last War,

many i have talked to believe  this situation needs more of a backbone, if not Bored already 

But will Theresa May get  Brexit agreement, thought? Regardless of  Resignations and the Letters of No Confidence in,

Or is ‘ this is the best we can do’  enough

But, Only Time will tell


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