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Kanye West _ This Hat is Important

Kanye West _ This Hat is Important

Now CNN Goes Over the Edge _ Politics of Language

Freedom of expression, But if one Reconsiders after seeing overlooked facts _Media Meltdown_ Not the pursuit of individual thought with a jazz of benefit to all, No No his just straight up Crazy,

 Not just inappropriate, Desensitising without contents, But just flat out goddamn rude

not just inappropriate, screaming this is what happens when Negroes don’t read, then the chorus of mental illness, doesn’t seem an appropriate democratically or liberal Stance to Me ?

The lands of the ironically free – only if you agree with me – and your tongue or Brain has No Right to Endeavour

But i know now  Financially Endorsing the Chicago Democrat Candidate, Some in fact many on the Right of thing _ Conservative or Republican started to Trumpets of he said all that of Record sales or Publicity, but if one write all the points down, he mention and believe needs help Then that candidate addressed most of the above Your not a sale out, for stating your points clearly and supporting those that support all your ideas individually, I thought they called that following your heart ?

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