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Theresa May _ Africa

Theresa May _ Africa

Our Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May did get her boogie on in the name of Trade

The old Longest serving Home Secretary on our books, dose understand the global table of finance, is tipping a little definitely then used too, the word emerging  isn’t correct but a Control in the Profits with the Virtue Of old tires being rectified and endorsed properly_ and also one mustn’t Forget the Mutual benefit of seeming Progressive enough to boogie 🙂

 shacking her booty for Britain, Lols you could tell Nigeria is the richest country in Africa, hence why perhaps her Fashion stylist, Pr or such told her _ Just Chuck on the cultural ethnic jacket and bring the business team, no shacking _ happy meal slogan needed


Theresa May _ South Africa

our Minister the Dancing Queen , The Speech and Interview

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