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Dose Progressive mean turning your back on democracy ?

Dose Progressive mean turning your back on democracy ?

A Second referendum is one of their chain, with the hindsight people didn’t know what they voted for regardless of the millions spent on advertising, the troubled folks of whatever slanderous names one chooses to use, we need to do it again, not Focus our efforts on a better deal, but judge and resist Chaunting we could do better in utopia _ But cause discombobulation and name-calling instead And what then If democracy can be overturned so easily, what makes you think it won’t happen again best out of three or five as even numbers don’t carry a majority in the sense of maths, Who has time for this consistent gesture of your are in control – have another vote scenario We listen to your voices as it’s not like all have seen or haven’t rectified the points, we as just taking away the meaning of the majority equals democracy vision. Not like I don’t feel Politics wouldn’t be a hard job or a break up of decades isn’t a hard divorce, but still realise the meaning of the word integrity especially if politically involved, to the people that elected you, or is that just a think of the past ?

but Bring back the Politician of the past, Some not leaving on the best notes of prosper to remind us So and of Course not filling our papers like we use to, Courts of irony not Justice Mr Blair


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