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Brexit Deal ... I'm Out ... Me Too

Brexit Deal … I’m Out … Me Too

Boris Johnson resigned in Parliament and a tad early David Davis walked out over Theresa Mays  idea of a deal on Brexit  at the Chequers Brexit Meeting .  Head member of the Government gone with the integrity or belief this is not what people voted for and if accepted feel it  wouldn’t ne right having there name on it Jazz , No member of Parliament I, But i can smell a Car fight of sorts 

will She Stay or will She Go Now 

U.K. Isn't Getting Brexit It Voted for _ Says Trump

 U.K. Isn’t Getting Brexit It Voted for _ Says Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels

and don’t Forget the The Politics of Brexit – Leaked – Options of difference

Boris Johnson ‘How would Donald Trump have approached our Brexit negotiations?’

What the people think of this confusion in a goodbye and let’s still try and be good neighbours

Westmonster go door knocking with Andrew Bridgen, Tory MP.

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