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President Trump 2 Touch British Ground

President Trump 2 Touch British Ground

The reaction to stabilising the economy, transfer of ideas especially after Brexit, Thought perhaps, an Embrace in that old saying people leant from their mistakes,

But some feel he should encounter protest, unlike the French and German recent visits. No, but here some feel the retweets, were to much, branding names like racist, or anti anything that’s  called a liberty issues.

but in other minds the Influencing in the Korean Talks ? seemed more then liberty, in this long-term Hard issue And Should President Trump Get A Noble Peace?

And don’t think the man who was embraced by vast community of all colours as a businessman has Instantly become racist, Bad phrasing, to numerous horrific crimes,

is that not generalisation those calling names like racism tries to avoid

But the Debate 

Boris Johnson says it is ‘great news’ and The Guardian journalist, Owen Jones and radio host and political commentator, Charlie Wolf  discuss President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit and Sadiq Khan on Trump, Windrush, antisemitism and fixing London’s problems

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