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Here we mean alt- as in alternative, not fake facts, covered by a thesaurus. but news, opinions, arts, drinks, food, events as stated before this project is underdevelopment, but seeing now, group using that pre- text, Are tearing a different Conservative meaning, like looking at facts And all wasn’t Adolf Hitler a tea drinking liberal, Are using violence opposed to punctuation is in our eyes Alt- stupidity of an undignified manner. Yes I am a person understands the party that governance my country at the moment, and like Martin Luther King, I have a true liberal mentality to my conservative view of structure… No need for violence, if one looks at Martin Luther King fabulous talks there were people of both colours nodding to he’s Republican aka Conservative veiws of the Unity in understanding. Whatever happened to the dignified manner, of words endorsed in qualified truths I Believe they called it a debate. As Evolution is a word we are no longer apes.

Also <Not> AltRigth

The Alt-Right can’t hang their name next to any party…and after all.. Hitler being a socialist tea drinking wrong liberal..and all that jazz…it’s not a Left -vs- Right, But a Different manner of behaviour perhaps, But there nothing wrong with seeing facts not causing violence, seeing facts..and pointing them out..No need at all for Mislabelling..

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