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Tommy Robinson, a Man just trying to tell the truth

Tommy Robinson, a Man just trying to tell the truth

I have to say – not as a child, or a mother – but as a human being, the judicial cover up is nothing but disgusting. I am a woman with a tan and a Muslim first name but there is nothing racist about pointing out wrong or injustice and that isn’t a “white coat of grooming”, just something that used to be known as Common Sense.

Tommy Robinson is a man who has simply been trying to point out these horrific facts, involving sexual terrorisation and abuse, long hidden from the British general public maybe not to authorities, Perhaps Ignoring for years.

Life in Danger now, the Justice of our Law should be equally and remember the words Safety and Human 

More Politics of Opinions form Atul Kochhar and the Pledge thoughts

First he was nothing but a racist and now just doesn’t wear “the right suit of presentation” – he is spot on yet it’s don’t pass go and go straight to jail”. I am no lawyer but my heart says this is intrinsically wrongheaded – the law is treating him as the Nazis treated those they disliked. Whatever happened to freedom of speech in this country?

This isn’t anti Muslim or any such thing, the word individuals does exist – Just anti abuse, Especially involving power of any kind

Back to the Names and its meaning being, graceful and trustworthy – No grace seen here, in a double standard in freedom of Press

few Thoughts Form Maajid Nawaz and MEP’s

If you see the word injustice, ring anywhere true here, then please support

Tommy Robinson, a Man just trying to tell the truth, Support

      so Justice can take place.

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