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Retrospective: Andrei Tarkovsky

January 5 – January 14 @ ICA

Thirty one years since his death, Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1987) ICA Cinema presents a full retrospective of his works to pay homage to his free spirit and boundless genius.

An outsider and isolated artist, working within a highly restrictive Soviet system for most of his career, Tarkovsky’s vision of cinema was rooted into the idea of films as a ‘symbol of the state of nature, of reality’. He was author of magnificent, elusive films that framed the epoch and humanity in all its fragility. Tarkovsky’s spiritual approach to storytelling remains the most powerful testament to his art.

Throughout his works, Tarkovsky moved freely between dream space and reality, staging his visions through the medium of cinema as a pure, ethereal art form. This programme features all seven films of the great Soviet master, from Ivan’s Childhood to his last masterpiece The Sacrifice, all presented in their original version with English subtitles.

Full Calendar :

5 Jan, 6:30pm: Ivan’s Childhood
6 Jan, 6:15pm: Andrei Rublev
7 Jan, 6:10pm: Solaris
9 Jan, 6:30pm: Mirror
10 Jan, 6:15pm: Stalker
11 Jan, 6:30pm: Nostalgia
14 Jan, 9:15pm: The Sacrifice

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