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Trinh T Minh-ha

Trinh T Minh-ha

December 2 to December 9 – at – 6 PM – 9 PM @ ICA  her writing and moving image work – writer, theorist, composer and filmmaker 16mm, 35mm and digital formats, as well as an artist’s talk
Hugely influential in the fields of feminism and postcolonial studies through her writing and moving image work, Vietnamese-born and U.S based writer, theorist, composer and filmmaker Trinh T Minh-ha visits the ICA to speak about her work on the occasion of this full retrospective of her films, between 2-9 December. Deconstructing modes of thinking and looking, and processes of translation and interviewing, Trinh’s films rethink the disciplines of anthropology and ethnography in relation to the moving image. The works span countries and continents, staging encounters with histories of violence and tales of love, as well as meditations on death, myth and technology. The retrospective includes screenings in 16mm, 35mm and digital formats, as well as an artist’s talk, in conversations and a discursive symposium.

Trinh T Minh-ha: A Tale of Love
2 Dec 2017

Breaking open traditional narrative conventions in favour of what Trinh describes as a denaturalized space of acting, this film sets up intersections between reality, memory and dream zones.

Trinh T Minh-ha: The Politics of Form and Forces + Reassemblage
2 Dec 2017

The Vietnamese-born writer, theorist, composer and filmmaker speaks about her practice in moving image at the intersection of politics, ethics and creativity.

Trinh T Minh-ha: Night Passage
3 Dec 2017

A rumination on friendship and loss as a series of vistas through a train’s windows, alongside the hopes and memories of the journey’s companions, from youth to old age.

Trinh T Minh-ha: Symposium
3 Dec 2017

A gathering of artists, writers, academics and filmmakers to discuss some of the themes related to Trinh’s practice.

Trinh T Minh-ha: The Fourth Dimension + In Conversation
6 Dec 2017

An exploration of time and memory in relation to ‘the image’ and the role of technology in shaping our vision of the digital age
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Trinh T Minh-ha: Shoot for the Contents + In Conversation
7 Dec 2017

An intricate layering of Chinese popular songs and classical music, the sayings of Mao and Confucius, women’s voices and the words of artists, philosophers and other cultural workers that reflect on the events in Tiananmen Square, 1989.

Trinh T Minh-ha: Naked SpacesLiving is Round
8 Dec 2017

An exploration of the rhythms of life in the rural villages of six West African countries.

Trinh T Minh-ha: Surname Viet Given Name Nam
9 Dec 2017

Touching on themes of dislocation, exile, translation, violence and memory, this work reframes the dominant narrative of Vietnamese history through the lives of women in the resistance.
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Trinh T Minh-ha: Forgetting Vietnam
9 Dec 2017

This film reflects on the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War by mediating the relationship between land, water and the body

This retrospective is programmed in parallel with the UK premiere of Forgetting Vietnam at Tate Modern



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