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Neuroscience of Emotions

Neuroscience of Emotions

November 29th Today at 7 PM – 10 PM @ Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3

An emotional component is vital for our well-being and personal fulfilment – feeling anxiety, stress or fear can ruin even the finest experiences. Moreover, now we know that daily and life choices we make, from what food we eat, to whom we choose to date or what jobs we take are largely affected by our emotions no matter how rational we think we are.

Emotions carry valuable information about our internal and external environment. And yet that is the topic we rarely talk about or have much understanding of. Positive psychology movement has also backfired on this area teaching us to suppress unpleasant emotions and pump ourselves up with positive thoughts. That unfortunately just made us even less aware of true emotions about the events in our lives, often resulting in bad decisions, loss of true happiness and even depression.

In this talk neuroscientist and business coach Dr. Gabija Toleikyte – in a fantastic canalside location in East London – will explain real nature and importance of emotions, what happens in the brain when you experience them and how to let them guide you in making the best choices for you. Moreover, you will learn why we make very poor judgements under intense emotional states such as stress and anxiety and how to deal with these situations.

Venue: Lighthouse, Shoreditch

Doors: 7pm/ Talk Starts at 7:30pm

Tickets here:

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