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Late at Tate Britain - Flux

In tune with ‘Dalí / Duchamp’

Friday, December 8 at 6:30 PM @ Royal Academy of Arts

Join  for an inspiring evening featuring a brand new accompaniment to Duchamp’s silent film ‘Anémic Cinéma’, as written and performed live by musicians from the Royal College of Music.

In this concert, we continue our partnership with the Royal College of Music who present a programme of music inspired by the Dalí / Duchamp exhibition, including a brand new accompaniment to Duchamp’s silent movie, Anémic Cinéma.

Anémic Cinéma was first shown at 5th Avenue Cinema in New York in 1926 during a decade when artists of the avant-garde sought film as a new form of expression. It was Duchamp’s only complete film work and it followed an intense period of experiments with the medium. Duchamp collaborated with Man Ray and Marc Allégret to create Anémic Cinéma, which shows a series of ten spinning “Rotoreliefs” interspersed with nine spinning discs inscribed with french puns referring to sexual drive and the erotic themes present throughout Duchamp’s work.

Join us to for a one-off live musical performance inspired by the Dalí / Duchamp exhibition and film screening with a brand new musical accompaniment for Duchamp’s Anémic Cinéma.

This event is kindly supported by Dasha Shenkman.

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