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Neuroscience of Decision Making

LDN Talks at Night, From 7 @

LDN Talks at Night: Neuroscience of Decision Making

Every day we need to make decisions from what to eat for lunch, which car to buy, what job to choose or what partner is the best match for you. For many years that has been a big misconception that in order to make sound decisions we need to rationally assess pros and cons of each, what lead to many people being utterly stuck in indecision. Moreover, with the enormous amount of things to choose from many of us also face so-called analysis paralysis (or the paradox of choice as Barry Schwartz would call). In this talk neuroscientist Gabija Toleikyte (PhD) will discuss what neuroscience suggests on how to make the best decisions and overcome the traps of indecision.

In this talk neuroscientist Gabija Toleikyte (PhD) will cover:

Decision-making systems I and II – benefits and problems with each.
How rational are our decisions?
Unconscious biases and how to avoid them.
Why do we get stuck in indecision or analysis paralysis?
The role of emotions in decision-making.
How to train your brain to make sound decisions fast?
How do stress and different moods affect our decisions?
Brain-based strategies to reduce stress.
Venue: Jujus Bar & Stage, Brick Lane

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Tickets here:

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