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What is the Problem with Populism?

Jan-Werner Müller: 6:30 PM – 10 PM @ICA

Across the course of In formation, a number of participants address the state of democracy today. In light of the inflationary use of the word ‘populism’ in our time, Jan-Werner Müller presents a talk asking what populism actually is and what might be problematic about it for democracy, with a following response and audience discussion led by journalist Ash Sarkar (Novara Media).

Müller addresses the question of whether right-wing populism should be opposed with left-wing populism and asks what populists actually do when they gain power. He suggests a number of cultural strategies for engaging with populist parties and movements.

This presentation is followed by a smaller, informal discussion group led by Ash Sarkar, open to all those who wish to join.

Tickets for this event are sold on a pay what you can basis.

Tickets, What is the Problem with Populism?

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