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The Garden of Virtual Utopias

The Garden of Virtual Utopias

Art Night Associate Programme

 Jul 1 at 6 PM to Jul 2 at 2 AM

@Thomas More Square


Join  the evening/night of Saturday 1 July to see Thomas More Square transformed into an immersive digital art experience, blending art and technology with the urban space. This event is part of Art Night 2017’s Associate Programme and is open to visitors of all ages for free from 6pm to 2am.

Inspired by the work of Sir Thomas More, who coined the concept of ‘utopia’, the event integrates digital aesthetics and virtual elements with the physical space, allowing visitors to flow between these two worlds.

The Garden of Virtual Utopias features two main areas:

– UTOPIAN WORLDS – a large LED screen installation with a playful seating area where visitors can discover the work of artists and avatars as well as enjoy a series of live AV performances.

Artists participating:
Aitana Basquiat
Alan Warburton
Andreas Nicolas Fischer
Jonathan Monaghan (event cover image)
LaTurbo Avedon
Marija Bozinovska Jones / MBJ Wetware
Nicole Ruggiero

Live Performances (21h to 00:30h)
Matteø Zamagni (øøøø)
Miri Kat

Step inside a site-specific, immersive sensory space where you will receive a short VR meditation session. Be transported into a therapeutic digital environment using Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), binaural audio and virtual reality simulations inside a green space.
By LaTurbo Avedon
With ASMR audio by Lulu Indigo

The Garden of Virtual Utopias is presented by Estela Oliva.
Curated and produced by Estela Oliva.
Production team: Olivia Bellas, Ana Quiroga, Doreen A. Rios, Harry Murdoch.

A project supported by Thomas More Square, Resolution Property and Anna Valley.

Art Night 2017, a collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, curated by Fatos Üstek.
Supported by international auction house Phillips.

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