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School Lunches is Unfounded

Saw this post, from a Conrado of sense, I just thought, I must share 🙂

 Am not normally one for political posts but the backlash on the Tory commitment around school lunches is unfounded. Low income families will now receive breakfast and lunch whilst those families that can afford to feed their children will only get free breakfast. People should actually read the manifesto before criticising it and jumping to conclusions. I personally am happy for my child to not have a free lunch and ensure another child who needs it gets two proper meals.

Followed by comments as such

As long as it is a full fry up breakfast with black pudding and hash browns, then the Tories have my vote. Otherwise I am putting a small penis in the box next to the Green Party.
Just thought i share, some of The, Words, Opinions from the Streets 🙂

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