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Manchester Incident

 People have Died during an explosion at Manchester Arena 🙁 

A suicide bomber, is the message I was told, but the reasoning still not, but that does, bring up to  my mind, oh he was just having a hard time, wanted to just say Good Bye to himself… references to  my head, Especially see they were Children


Theresa May Gives A Statement On The Manchester Incident

Jeremy Corbyn, Also give a Statement on happening in Manchester

Former Special Air Service serviceman, Has had  enough, enough is enough remarks 

“Business as usual,carry on as normal?” Katie Hopkins

Tommy Robinson in Manchester

 What They’re NOT Telling You, from Paul Joseph Watson 

Nigel Farage, discusses The Manchester Terror Attack, with calls

More scary news, from the BBC on this topic, ignorance or ignoring, heads up dose have a happy ending

Why Does This Keep Happening?

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