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Fourth Monkey’s Conflict Season

Starting Saturday 6th May Form  7:30 PM – 10:30 PM @ Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company

Our Two-Year Rep graduating company present their contemporary season of work – The Conflict Season

3 Winters directed by Daniel Goldman:

3 Winters charts the history of the Kos family and the Zagreb town house they live in over the course of 66 years. From post-war Yugoslavia in 1945 to modern day Croatia 2011 via the Balkan conflict of the nineties, this is a story of a country and people in flux, of memory and nostalgia, of forgiveness and revenge. Simply staged, this new ensemble production brings the ghosts of generations past to life and sets the past and present on a collision course with destructive consequences.

Mother Courage and Her Children directed by Amy Draper:

Mother Courage, written by Bertolt Brecht in response to rising Nazism in 1939, tells the story of Anna Fierling as she navigates her way through the 30 Years War in Europe (1618-1648). At times unremitting in its criticism of the “business” of war, at times unearthing an unexpected humour and humanity, the play has become known as one of Brecht’s greatest and one for all times. This pared-back ensemble production will use song and storytelling to explore how Mother Courage continues to speak to us across the decades.

I would say As i Have said before A Bargain indeed for this Talent, So Get a Ticket and happy to say i saw then when


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