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London Traffic

is LONDON the new NEW YORK

Maybe ,considered a impetuous title, But, London 2017 seems to be coming New York, Street traffic alone in scenarios..                                                                                                  I even started to singing, New York, New York a little this month. Already

They say only a day, But thins has happen before

And many that use our TfL services , have been a nightmare, and imagine if one lives a little bit further outside of zone one and have to travel there for work , or perhaps a night out, dose seems like 2017 May continue on, with it’s. Taxi please,   Uber must be delighted . Also with rumoured talks of 24 hours, seems Perhaps a tad  little too optimistic with this being the facts,  that don’t seem to help this optimistic me thinks.   But Uber and other services as such, perhaps becoming the yellow taxi of New York, One does wonder,  As all i heard rumors of more   Strikes.This year                                                                                                            Suspect, thought Donald Trump and Theresa May, will  end up having more Reasons , To Have a very good relationship indeed.  To even help to Resolve a issues that baffled our mayor and if  keeps on happening, maybe A problem…                                                                 A Acton plan, for your Countries Capital.. Perhaps

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