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 This is not a good way to leave things   

Mr President, This is not what democratic means 🙂, nor a democratic  situation to create for the president elect at All,

Especially seeing this is not a re vote kind of thing..  or wait 4 years , One the UN rule’s what’s for life..  isn’t it best one wonders, To be diplomatic about things and allow them possibly to come to an agreement opposed by them, to suit their values and meaning of such thinks possible the most Democratic to leave things .. perhaps CNN will agree, whom usually Agree with you 🙂  

I ever believed the Dropping the Mic thing also 🙁 silly me .Fox News here who believe you Scr*wing Israel to made a point, that your party ,believed it would have had, a few more years implement.. But dose seem all hands are out..

But Nasty last hand, My Friend, Nasty indeed.

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