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‘Hacking the Election’

Dear United Democratic

Paul  Watson …Tells us, Here about the Election Hacking.Please be Objectively and resit the persuasion of the mass

Not saying that Hacking doesn’t happen.

Cutting  and repeated irregular information filled down to public , So one plans can take place involve, But people woke up uncomfortable this time, or didn’t wake up and vote.

But uncomfortable is  a global feeling

hillary-clintonI understand this isn’t just about Mrs Clinton, backer also woke up uncomfortable..- so because Russians were Happy, that means a hack, not sure, one agrees.   I too was happy, all the way from London, that world war 3 wasn’t inspired, (by seen or heard) segments from a speeches… But thought and words justified, for some liberal reason.                                                                            wait dose that mean i’m a hacker, Because i don’t like the sound of war..  Can we please see evidence to imply Statements…of Facts …..or please quiet down

 And start talking losing Gracefully

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